A Touch of Inspiration

At varying moments throughout one’s life, 

It is not what that inspires them to achieve the impossible 

But rather who motivates them to believe.  

Perseverance in the face of adversity, 

Sacrifice in times of privation,  

And encouragement in the presence of doubt  

build an individual’s character-- 

A character that is able to discover its true passions.   


It is within these difficult moments 

That the strength of varying relationships in one’s life  

Are scrutinized to measure true value.  

Despite all moments of trials and tribulations,  

An individual who holds meaningful value to others 

Will come to a series of self-realizations  

Regarding the ability to truly depend on someone  

Heedless to the struggles presented.  


It is within the delicate moments-- 

A concerned question of a stranger  

Or the gentle touch of a friend--  

An individual may become motivated,  

Yet nothing has the ability to compare to 

The compassionate hug of a parent,  

A parent who has displayed true characteristics of  

Perseverance, sacrifice, and encouragement.  


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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