Touch the Cieling're welcome

My tongues so far up inside who you are

I can taste the things you like and i like the things you are

                Savage & Sincere , Aggressive & No Fear

            Undressed you're the best lookin' bitch 'round here

I grab life by the throat , I grab pussy by the lips

I got a fistful of " Fuck You's " for anyone that forgets

From the Streets , to the Sheets , to the Freak i've become

I never tried to hide or denied what i've done

         Mouth-watering sickness shoots thru my sex

I've got Pictures & Paintings explaining the life i lived      

Let ME give you an example of how i like to trample

Thru the Problems & Passions of girls that are a handful

Are you wearing any Panties , if you are Take'em off

I wanna kiss your Lips & Nipples til they're both Wet n Hard

Im feeling you feel ME , Role-Playing im still ME

Your Pussy's spittin' & drippin' .....says it's fixin' to Kill ME

We'll battle thru the Sex , Thru every drop of Sweaty

Til your Pussy begs ME please thru it's last soggy breath

I'll finesse it when i kiss it , Lick your lips when i lick it

Let ME know how much u want it as i show you how much i miss it

Then reach up in to Heaven or maybe touch the cieling 

and snatch the clouds off  God's bed with this Lovin'  that you're feeling


                                                                SinSearlee ,

                                                        Mongomery II 






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