Tue, 02/11/2014 - 21:20 -- inquen

Warning: some explicit language


Sit down, shut up.
Sit up.
Answer me when I'm talking to you.

Don't you know what I'm saying?

Suck it up, cupcake, it's only gonna get worse.
Wait until ten minutes before you're dismissed.
I dismiss you.
You are here, under my thumb, until I say you're not.
Now close your eyes and think. Think.
Don't wonder.
But don't think anything independent.

Your friend is gonna be my friend in a moment.

Is that something you're going to share with all of us?

Make your choice.
Get up. 
Stand the fuck up, I said.

Get up, check out.

March out.

Don't you have any dignity?

You're pathetic.

Remember your deadline.


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