Too Young

Sun, 12/29/2013 - 02:01 -- maiasia

I woke up with your blood pooling on my sheets

slick along my skin and yours

I woke up with barely any light shining in the room

Just eyes.




Blood, still warm and black in the dim

that filled my room like smoke.

At first I hoped, prayed,it was mine,

but when you rolled over, and I saw the bandages on your thigh

Soaked through and black,

I knew.


Something is growing inside of me

A child born of an accident

Never even a thought in the back of my mind

on the subject of motherhood

Am I to be thrust forward

to bear the weight of a new life on my back?

Too young, too young.

I am too young.


The walls are acid washed white

Stark, empty, and I will soon be similar

Tissue paper wraps my body

I close my eyes and lament


Too young, too young

I am too young for this.


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