Tonight's View


United States
27° 30' 50.6376" N, 81° 31' 36.2208" W

If you were here
It would all be different
The way the leaves fall off the trees
They could glide the way lips graze over teeth in smiles

If you were here
It could all be different
Each blink would be softer
Lashes would touch as they closed
Touching as though they were fingers ready to entwine
Nights wouldn’t be so dark and the sheets wouldn’t be so cold

If you were here
Everything would be different
The lonely road wouldn’t be so tempting
Just because I know where it goes
Footsteps would have an accompaniment
Another shadow following side by side
Lamp posts could see two instead of one
Benches would feel more warmth

If you were here
Everything could be different
I wouldn’t just be tangled up in thread
We could walk between trees
We could see roads draw near over the dashboard
And confess over cups of coffee dark as the nights spent

If you were here
We’d count time instead of miles
If only you were here


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