I am so done with the outside,

done with the sress and the tears, 

done with the lies and hurt,

but not done with life


I am so tired of letting

every single little think get to me.

I thought I could block it out,

but I guess I was wrong.


I am sick of tears streaming down my face.

I am sick of anger being bottled up,

controlling my life.


I am ready to break at any given moment,

with no warning- what so ever.


I want it gone,

everything bad in my life.

I just want it to disappear.

I just want it to leave me alone

and let me be


At first it did,

but now it is resurfacing.

Where is it coming from?

I need it to go.


Please, make it go away.

Please, take the pain away.

Make it leave me,

Make it never come back


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