Tiny hands


United States
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Tiny eyes shouldn’t see what I had,
Tiny hands aren’t meant to hold secrets,
A tiny heart shouldn’t break like that,
The tears I cry, they started then,
So many years ago.
When he came in and took what he did,
Not a single care for innocence and joy,
And the storm, it started then.
Too young to know, but had to learn,
He took a tiny life in his hands.
A secret held tighter than any other,
A secret too big for two tiny hands.
That tiny heart that never healed,
It beats still today, however broken it may be.
Those tiny eyes still see it all,
However long ago the memories are.
And a scar so much deeper than any self-inflicted,
A tiny reminder of broken trust.
What it means now and always will,
Pray to forget, to awake from this dream,
A never ending movie that plays in my head.
Something no one knows,
Why it hurts so badly when I’m alone.
Tiny hands that have long since grown,
But those same tiny hands still hold those very same secrets,
From all those years ago.


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