Time is unstopable!
For it is gone tomorrow.
What we need to seek is the future
for it is all we have.
The Past is gone, only to reside in our memories.
That of what we choose to keep.
For we are afraid to let go of time.
Blinded that time only takes; knowing it as our enemy.
But those that are open to the flow of time takes the future as a fragile gift.

As waking up day, hour, minute fades I to what we dwell.
For I take time as a friend and hold it gentle in my hands; for time lets us live everyday.
Showing us that life is not short, but long and enjoyable.

For it is what we make of it.
Time does not take but gives us a Chance....
To rewrite our mistakes....
To write a new life of our choice.

For I embrace my time.
For it is never to be lived again if gone.
For every morning is a start...
Just to live one day at a time.

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