On the Tightrope

Teeter totter

bottle of liquor

swing, swing

one simple thing

one simple choice


"Goodnight babe

I know it's late

I'm sorry I've been busy.

We'll talk in the morning"



Play on words

out of being bored

He stepped onto the rope

step by step 

a balacing trick


"I'm always safe."

Please don't say that

just come down

get off those clouds



You were hardly a man

20 years old

Degree some days to go

took a step 

lost your balance


for a few clinks

a good time

you were bored

you put on a show

became a clown


in your life

on your car

you lost track

my heart lost its beat

it was done


you had your dreams

we had our plans

you were changing

one choice

you took a chance


in a blink

you were gone

i was left to move along

left stunned

i go on


slowly i've grown

tried to stay strong

though sometimes I stall

your memory

pushes me forward


To let them all know

of all this pain

other's choices can bring...






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