Tight Spaces

Television, magazines, radio. The influence is disgusting, repulsive, unacceptable. Makes me sick how society is quick to bash those who want other than the life they painted, with colors of illusion and lies. Those who are the same despise those who are different, and vise versa. Natural curves are no longer that. They are created with silicone for the girls who sit alone in their empty shells wondering.....where's my dream guy, why can't I find my knight in shining armor?? She is blinded by the glimmering sparkle of the gold around necks of the bad boys, the wanna-be trappers. They hustle all day with nothing to show for it. She thinks his "I love yous" hold value, his "You a bad bitch" is endearing. But baby girl, you are steering....down the wrong road. But now, you're in it too far! This way of life, you think this love is actual, think his "I'm hanging with the fellas" is factual......but actually, he's holding the waist of another woman, another queen whose crown is rusted, another queen whose throne hasn't been dusted. She doesn't sit there anymore. Too busy filling the hole in her heart with men who lend their hands to bend her over, and over, and over again. Her back is aching from the lack of support of her self worth. Knees are red and bruised because the burning, the desire of acceptance, rubs against her cold bare skin. But this is the life she thinks is cool. This is her Love & Hip Hop, her imaginary Basketball Wives fairy-tale. She rides these guys to the beat of a rap song filled with derogatory messages. In her mind, these messages are positive. Well you know what I say to that way of life?? To each his own!!! Tight spaces are for those who are desperate to fit into the box called society. For those who want to cramp and conform to what they think is "ideal" or "normal". Afraid to be casted out of the crowd, afraid to travel your own path is stupidity on a level only you society obsessed bigots can comprehend. So what if my clothes don't reveal my shape, leaving imagination is the key to mystery. So what if my playlist isn't filled with rap, I love music that stimulates the creativity in my mind. So what if I like my hair natural, all those tracks, all that weave itches like mosquitoes attacking the surface of summertime skin. With a fearless heart, and the demeanor of a boss, these women, these aching women can break the chain. Get out of the vicious cycle that dried up your soul. Let go of what you think is "the life". Find your own, and leave behind the devil's advocates who speak with false tounges, promising to pay your bills, bills, bills. Promising you "forever". Cause that boy's forever, it's an eternity in hell. You want the title of "wifey" but in turn, it'll be replaced with "baby momma". Don't you want to free your mind? Your heart? Your soul? That mental captivity is NOT captivating! The capacity beyond that is the beautiful place to travel. Not groveling at a boy's feel in gravel that buries your dignity! Fill your peers with the inspiration of ingenuity. Help them see it's OK to be different, it's OK to speak without the vulgarity, it's OK to listen to the music that isn't raunchy. We don't all share the same shadow, nor the same identity. But evidently society sees it as a problem. Like it's a dire situation that needs a quick fixing, a bit of tailoring, a snip here, a stitch there. This society, the masses, the people in the world afraid of uniqueness, whatever you wanna call them, leave them where they stand! Let them ponder over the reason others choose to face away from the crowd. Leave them on your tv screens, in your magazines, and on your radio. As individuals in this conformed and crazy world, we deserve to flourish, to prosper, to rise, to grow.

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