Ticking is Overrated


Of all the things that make me tick, it would be HIM.

Everytime he chews, a completely UNNECESSARY amount of effort is put into EVERY. TINY. PIECE.

And don't even get me started with the slurping!

It's like everytime he takes a drink he thinks it's gonna be his last.

But it's not.

Blowing his nose.

Twitching his stupid leg.


Does he even notice how INFURIATING his breathing is?

I notice... Everyone else should notice too.

And as if that's not enough, his arrogance should really do it for ya.

Quoting the great philosopher, Gregory House M.D., "Arrogance is earned."

Okay so maybe House wasn't a GREAT philosopher... but winning an Emmy should account for something.

Ticking is overrated anyways.



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It was fun writing!

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