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Tick tock, Clock, Your face faces mine

As if by some sinister design

I'm inclined to sit and watch your hand.

Placing bets like “I dare it to move”


But every time I pay up,

I stay up late at night just to sleep through the day.

Watch the stars weep as their deceitful brother casts them away

Behind a curtain of blue, Dwindling as I beg them to stay.


The sun reaches peak seated on his throne and the whole universe groans.

Or so it seems, But my seams are merely strings

The sun is no king and I am no victim.

Me, seed of speech, spoke into being just like he, so we begun

Until undone, a Son and sun, But none found the wiser.


Id be bind to say it is not to be desired.

The sky smiles, as the breeze plays a lyre,

to fire burning, in the deep,

Just as God gives desire.

He casts out deceit and defeated the lire


And he raised me Higher, then angels, Second to one

Those heavenly choirs, dangle from his fingers, since time first begun,

Trumpets and lyres, dancing, singing his praise, till eternity is done.

And I dare question, the path a father has for his son.


Just as kings came to power, one desperate hour Saul and David

Whom God created mighty men of valuer.

Tho not what God intended, He defended our choice to choose

For through Choices made his heel had been bruised.


Promises made to keep, God weeps for his people.

Since Egypt we've cried out enslaved, but now by our equals

For in our sequel we banished good, and embraced evil,

For what pain may come from a Alter to me, and a self worship steeple.


Tick tock, But stop you clock you ticking thing!

For all time is locked for the march of this humble king,

Over rocks, he walks with cross on top to Golgotha on bare feet.

Voices laugh and scream with mocking seeds, And its my voice that's heard to me


So gape with me Satan you hateful thing you ghoul

Deceit becomes the lying snake, he laughs with us his tools

As heel he bruises laughs and sneers for here he won his war.

But wait dear snake for coming to you is more.

Splatter blood as hammers batter Hands that heal to wood,

Carpenters hands, to wood, irony maybe but pressed Healing hands to cross

Like picture frames that hold the world on my wall.

Outstretched like “for you ill hold it all!”


But screams my savior makes as selfishness of ours becomes his fall.

But fall began years ago when snakes had legs to crawl.

And spoke to Eve, at evenings fall.

“Did God really Say?” And I was Adam watching it all.


Healing hands to wood...

Like the hands that worked with wood they worked with us!

Healing these mortal bodies after we turned to dust!

Through pain my savior saved us,

The submissive Revolutionary Jesus.


Tick tock, My god my why did you look away,
Holding all the world on broken arms, Christs predestined pain.

Forsaken Christ under hateful eyes for us had this to say

“Forgive these sheep, These fickle things, For snake has got them wrought

For what they do, Chose they might, But no them Not”


Tick Tock, Three days in the ground, But you could bet Satan heard the sound.

That deceitful snake like me, Surprised to see a King rose to retrieve his crown.

Proudly showing scars to brow from thorns that scorned him, now

Crush the serpent head to death for death no more, as all creation bows.


Death to life, for life through death, Distress is just a thing.

Death to self for selfish depths have made creation bleed

But Jesus Christ is raised to life,

Oh death where is your sting.


Tick tock locked to shackles of time, for there in lies my self design

I try to define a line to hide behind, But Blinded my Heart,

This wicked beating thing that screams and bleeds inside of me.

Causing me to commit treason and self idolatry

It lies to me!


But you are my path.

My line My shield of deserved wrath.

Understanding of the temptation I am prone to grab fast.

Please be my God, For the sail I raise is a poor mast.



So Hear me now, Just as you always do.

This clock makes a mockery of the life that moves through you

I am your child I want to live your truth,

Please help me to see the way you intend for my every move.


Bring about your kingdom, On earth as it is in heaven.

Like it was before deception caused this disconnection.

And give us strength and power to do your will, your election.

We are your people, We tho prone to temptation.


Tick tock, I am not afraid.

Although I may not know which path I should take,

It is your will that will dictate my way and wanderings

I pray, And end this prayer with affirmation “Truly”

Along with angels I praise and say



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