Thus When I am Ready

Mon, 11/16/2015 - 01:18 -- syllhet

By the kinsmen of tomorrow and the men who are present

The women shall shine with radiance and thus we shall march

As love blossoms in spring and amnesia comes in the winter


The winter solstice of which I forget myself

Where kinmanship shall bring the heart

Closer to the hearth and thus, I shall tell you


From my dislocated and scrambled words,

I shall tell from my mind and soul, that you

Are more than important


Is it an opportune moment to

Say to a lovely imbecile

With feelings as true as gold


And thus, my soul shall say to you

Dear friend, do not let go

But hold it dearly


As it may be the last time

A person shall say good bye

And thus be dear


Be dear the loved ones

Do not linger but soar

Beyond the meadows


Of heaven’s doorstep

And the let frost come

And claim the soul of the lost


And thus I shall tell you

Get rid of the capitol of worries

Therefore, rest with the patience of God


Go on and be the conqueror

Of the qualms of tomorrow

And thus when I am ready


I shall be the one at the gate

To greet you and praise you

For your survival and benevolence 

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Our world


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