A thought in Cal State Apple


Dear professor "I forgot thy name,"

From the joy in your Ipad, thy facade should display shame!
Product placement or education? A commercial classroom you should explain.
“Ipad2, special settings, apple programs”- requirements my wallet broods.
These requests mean more money! And cup of noodles is all I have for food!

Alas there is nothing I can do. No other season or teacher, you say, will do.
But my Cal State has funding! Private funding! Hazaa! Yay! F$ck!
One simple class, 3 unit prerequisite, aiming to bog down my monetary strut.

Maternal Salvation! An epiphany! My mother’s Ipad can do
With white polka-dotted pink cover, embarrassment will surely loom.
But for the sake of time and money my mouth will shut tight,
Only for one semester this will be, right?

Sincerely yours,
The back row

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