For Those Who Wait



Much good will come to those who wait;

for those who cannot cleanse their slate.

A shattered heart, the broken ones

new life awaits; it can be done.

The joy that seems so far away;

the scars are never meant to stay.

To know you mean just what you say;

protect my heart and keep it safe.

The one who makes your heart feel whole,

a bit of warmness on the soul.

To see there's no need for protection,

when both can feel the lost connection.

Although the saying can be tough,

"I like you" is simply not enough.

You stick with me when times get rough;

a hand that is surely not a bluff.

Would you call me crazy if I said alone

that I can feel your heart beat through the phone?

I hear it in each word you mention;

sentences lined with good intentions.

Too lost for words, I could not say

I mention you each time I pray.

I think of you with every day

I care for you in every way.

Your heart is pure, and love is blind;

yet I know it  can't be far behind,

because you are the perfect guy;

a supernova in my skies.

A bigger plan, a deeper meaning

a heart no longer prone to seething

a heart that's free of locked up doors

because once you take it, it's forever yours.

Please don't hold back and nor will I

my shoulder's here for you to cry

I'll lift you up into the sky

and both of us will soar so high,

no one can ever break our stride.


My love, I'm asking: let me try

to be that good change in your life.


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