To those who listen


To those who look

nothing seems extraordinary

a standard face, two eyes

a nose, high cheek-bones

"just like her sister"      

twin, might I add

dressing through the latest fads





To those who look 

I could not exist

and still no-one would miss

this traitless face

unbought disgrace

of anonymity

in a sea of same

after same

after same

driving me

and you, no doubt,





To those who listen

wonders abound

hear me now

think on the words I speak 

and imagine originality


pride and contribution to

the faceless world

of chosen blindness,

close your eyes and I am my thoughts

spoken aloud to you 

carefully wowing you


I am not the same


not anymore.


Hear a flawless mind 

rattling through time her fine

and detailed opinions on the world

through a mouth which looks nothing

like a special type of anything

but can be more, express more

caress more carefully the 

wiles of the world gone wild


chime in if you want

climb in if you want

to my mind

my thoughts

and hear the flawless unbought grace of life

stasis of life through words which mean more

than faces do


I am flawless because I'm more than faces see

more than eyes make me

more than you or I

or any mirror appraises me to be

so listen, 

don't just look

judge with open ears; 

I am not a covered book


To those who listen: I AM FLAWLESS

To those who look: look away

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