They tell me that I'm "glowing" and all I can reply,

Is "thank you" with a great big smile,

For I can finally look them in the eye, For I have something money cannot buy.  They tell me I'm "looking well"  and all that I can say, Is "thank you" for no-one else knows, The reason that I am feeling this way, Is the peace that I have found and so it shows.  They tell me I'm "on fire" and all I choose to tell, Is "thank you" for they wouldn't understand, The reason that today I'm feeling so well, Is that I'm no longer sinking in quick sand.  They tell me I am "focused" and all I can proclaim, Is "Thank you" for I know that this is true, The reason I'm determined is I'm back in the game, And I have so much catching up to do. They tell me I am "different" and all I can express, Is "thank you" for I really do agree, The reason that they see the difference I possess, It's because at last they're finally seeing "ME" 

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