I have anger  

that boils within me.

it erupts like a valcano.

Therapy can help you.


I'm always sad.

Moving hurts me.

All I do is cry.

My tears could fill a river.

Therapy can help you. 


My brother hurt me.

Didn't realize he'd damage me.

Being sexually abused at nine,

that's just wrong.

Therapy can help you.


My dad has Alzthiemers disease.

It's hard on the family.

I just want to disappear.

Therapy can help you.


I can't take all this screaming.

Will there ever be peace?

I just want to runaway.

Therapy can help you.


My life went downhill.

I hit rockbottom.

Getting back up was hard,

but it wasn't impossible.

Therapy can help you.

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