To Them I Am a Stranger

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 14:33 -- riag


Strangers and unknown people,

I feel your stare,

No matter where you are.

Poking your nose too far into extremity,

Searching for secrets that don’t even exist;

Go look elsewhere because we do not respond,

To the sorrow of mischief’s song,

And somewhere along the way,

You will feel me.

Finally, I will exist, and appear to you equally.

Peace, where have you gone?

You were my childhood friend,

but since then distance and time made you run along.

Justince, so many different faces to you,

I have been here living yet I still have not bumped into you…..

It is hard, I thought you would always be around,

but you lost focus, yes I have noticed,

and there is no turning back now.

To you I am an image,

A perspective your soul fears,

I project the color I live,

Will I ever see you again my dear?



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