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Yes I can get a little over excited, 

apparently I'm told I do the most.

For as long as I could remember, 

I felt more joy with others than being by myself or "alone." 

I wanted to stimulate others, still today I uplift those who

don't believe in themselves. 

The one's who mistakenly put their dreams back up on the shelves.

My craft on the stage, 

connecting with another.

It makes me feel alive, 

to experience the human condition with another.

They tell you, 

"It's a hard life, becoming an artist."

A race to the finish line, 

to see who could get the farthest. 

But being an artist, 

no, I'm not trying to get on top. 

But trying to get the experience 

with another human being,

nothing makes me feel more alive.

Understanding them,

the emotions and ways of people,

I begin to learn why. 


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