That's a Wrap Kid


United States
42° 55' 14.0016" N, 89° 22' 46.5024" W
The losses we feel
They overwhelm our very minds
They take our hopes and emotions
Dash them on the stones of reality
And laugh.
They laugh at our loss.
Laugh at what we thought we had
Laugh at our very souls, ripped out.
These losses aren't going away
They're here to stay for sure.
How can it hurt so much?
How can something so simple
Feel like a punch to the gut?
Like all my work was nothing?
I honestly don't know.
Someone take it away.
Take away the pain
The excitement
Apathy has to be better than this
At least I think it is.
And our failures compound.
Why can't we just deal with one?
Rather than them all coming 
And taking our joy together
One always leads to another.
Failures and loss suck.
That's just the long and short of it
So maybe I'll go numb
Block it out with some vice.
Just to ignore the pain.
Or I won't. 
I don't rightly know yet.
Sure it all sounds great when I'm low
But when things change, I'll be ok.
I'll be ok.


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