Thank You, Video Vixens

"I like a long-haired, thick red bone", he says
as he yanks her, drags her, and spreads her legs.
Her mouth is sewn shut, but her body screams, "more!"
because her man on the screen showers her in Gucci and Couture.
She plays small roles in every scene,
wearing fish nets, and booty shorts, and of course Maybelline.
She doesn't mind getting smacked around,
or at least being told she will
right in front of an audience who want music
and have nothing but time to kill.
She can find some of her sisters scattered
between different channels, movies, and convos,
being referred to as that sexy, bad b**ch who knows what to do,
that is, if you've got enough dough.
She must like bending over and feeding this random man fruits and sweet things
because it means that eventually her abnormally large a** will recieve many implied beatings,
and mistreatings, and misleadings towards her
and OUR downfall.
Whatever happened to us saying,
"don't go chasin' waterfalls", and
"you are beautiful no matter what they say"?
We should have known that every deal has SOME price to pay.
They pay with money along with moans and groans, and skin claps, and empty orgasms,
as we pay with our only treasured virtues for we are ectoplams
floating gracefully and aimlessly everywhere.
Perhaps it's fair to say that some of us partake in nurturing this nightmare
by confusing cute with sexy, and sexy with slutty --
him giving you hand-me-down compliments in exchange for you
givin' him some cuddy.
Maybe society is to blame, or perhaps God's will to stick us behind,
to remain in second place.
And I know we're different anatomically, mentally, emotionally,
creatively, and romantically, but I'm pretty sure that we ARE ALL
a part of this human race.


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