End of the rope

End of the line

The burning in their lungs

Is everything less than divine

They beg and they call out

For their family to stop

But only they can hear their own thoughts


The wires and tubes

The light on the ceiling

They can't seem to breathe

And yet, they keep on believing

The day will come

The pain will end

If only the children could let go

But can we ever?


That's when he comes in

Unsees to the eyes of those 

Who do not wish to see him

His skin fair, but not ashen

His eyes bright with life,

But so old.

Old with wisdom and youth, but

Older than the sun and the sky


And his wings, oh his wings

Velvet and soft, 

Feathers coming off

But they always stayed full. 

His hands were large

But they did not hold no threat


He sits at the edge of the bed

A hand on your head

Running through your once beautiful hair

"It's over now." Is the last thing you hear. 

And then, there is no more pain

There is no more crying

There is acceptance


One last breath and then you are gone

Thanatos has done his job. 


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