Thanatophobia and Curiosity

It comes upon me like a storm.
A torrent of emotion
In motion.
A certain fear I have.

The fear of ending.
Not breathing,
Not blinking,
Not being.

It's an inexplicable fear that
Grips me and keeps me
A hostage.
Surrendering to a mind-

Numbing silence.

What's in it for me?
What goes on after I become was
I was is, I still am--
But when I'm was?

What will I be?
Will I see? is there sight after is?
There is no salvation for me,
For I have no thoughts of Him.

I believe in passion and fury.
And humility and human nature.
I ask for neither mercy nor guidance--
I crave answers.

In a simple phrase--
Forget the science and religion.
What is it like--
Being was?


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