Tell them.

America, America. Oh, how thou great. 

You're people have been washed and drowned in hatred.

They are decendents of a people who rejected what was.

We are the creation of multigenerational curses.

With wounds and pains that haven't been uprooted. 

America, America. Oh, how thou great.

You're people covered the truth with lies.

With things like liberty, justice, and freedom; for all.

Even, equality. Nope, that's not all. 

They say that racism and color doesn't exist.

America, America. Oh, how thou great.

Greed and genocide is your real founding father.

The murders and rapes. The lynching and enslavement. 

But the white stands for purity and innocence?

The direct exposure, the indirect too of shame and mistreatment.

Makes me, a black girl uncomfortable in this country.

I am educated and I work. I grow and I aspire.

But I was still scared when my dad got pulled over.

America, America. Oh, how thou great. 

All you will ever be is a capitalist shame.

Embedded in lies and founded in horror.

Please, call your people to order.

Tell them that we all can not be truly free. 

If we don't acknowledge the real history of you and me.

America, America. Let us be great. 

In truth. 

In diversity.

In unity. 

And, authentic peace. 






Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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