Teenage Psyche Ward


I'm going crazy

My mind's been on a high lately

Not from drugs but this craziness has just rubbed off me

I've found that I don't care about anything important

My father thinks I'm a failure

The feeling's highly potent

I want to punch him and scream " Well why didn't you help father?"

But parent issues aside

I got this feeling inside

I don't know where it came from inside of my mind

I want to just get rid of it or just die

Because I know that I'm the reason that my dad cries

Now I know what it's like to let someone down

Or rather just dropped them and now I want to drown

I'm sorry Dad that my condition has affected you so hard

It hurts me too

but I guess not enough according to you.

I'm the "gift from God" that went bad

Like the cheap  toys that break after you open them, so sad

I need to be rehabilitated or maybe you would be happier

If I was out of your life and made the fog go clear

I'm sorry everything is my fault

Sign me into the teenage psyche ward and lock the vault

Then throw away the key





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