A Teenage Girl Depression

What is this feeling I can't seem to control?

Deep, deep inside me I no longer feel whole.

The world around me seems to be moving fast,

but no matter how hard I try, I'm stuck in the past.

I can no longer feel the love nor the pain

not even sure my skin can feel the rain.

How did I get here from where I use to be?

I was on track to win the academic grand prix.

No one seems to understand or relate,

my friends just want to push me out the gate.

Where did the light go, that use to shine so bright?

Instead of a future, I want to forever sleep like it's night.

Then, one morning I see,

Is that happiness really for me?

Can I wake with a smile on my face?

Can I finally leave this purgatory place?

Yes indeed I see the light once more.

Now I can walk through any open door.


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