Tears Freeze Over

Life can be tough in ways that we never ask for.

We can pretend that we don't wish to have someone next to us

when we weep into our sheets at night. 

I know I did. 

However, I met a woman.

A woman that made the only sadness in the world

come from an absence of her.

When you find a person like her, you will do anything

just to keep them by your side.

Why do we do it?

Is it because they fill our head with so many wonderful thoughts

that our problems and fears pour from our minds?

Is it the addiction humans have to the feeling of being loved?

Or rather, is it the complete fear we have of losing someone

who tears down our barriers and opens our minds and hearts?

We laugh

we love

we share stories

we share memories

and we make memories.

When I'm with her, every single second

feels like a dream that I will later explain to my friends

with a blushing face and bright smile.

I guess, when it reaches the point that every moment with them

feels like something we have been waiting our entire day

or week

or month

or life for, that's when you know you found the person who betters you.

We do anything for them.

So why do we do it?

Well, I do it because 

I love you.


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