Tearfilled Rain


United States
35° 18' 59.7456" N, 101° 46' 30.6156" W

When love breaks its like a storm
Inside everything is torn
The smell of rain is rolling in
You know this love is about to end
For a moment everything stalls
While the first rain drop has time to fall
Right now everything is numb
Like how it was when it it first begun
No other drop will ever come close
Its the first one that hurts the most
Your left sitting in the rain
Getting hit by every ounce of pain
The rain came with the force of a flame
Breaking everything in its way
You were there split in two
Waiting for the sun to rise
And return light to your eyes
When all is being fixed
Your heart was thrown in the mix
No more hurt will come your way
You took the key and hit it away
And when your heart was finally healed
You covered it with a coat of steel
The location you didn't reveal
Its deep within the key is sealed
Its gone away
And no other storm will come your way.


Kelsey Pruett

This poem was inspired after an intense breakup. Sometimes you just don't have a choice anymore.

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