A tear


United States
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where am I? I'm lost in my own home
up the stairs don't know where to go
my room, my bed, its all gone
my solitary is like a forgotten song
I have no safety in this new realm of being
for the is lost to thy beautiful sea
the scenery changes and I'm on stranger tides,
sea sick, I'm torn by the too sides
sway left and commit suicide
or sway right and suicide I commit
another collaspes in my realm and I arive on a shelf
the young girls comes in and pushes the other toys around and I look down
I too am made in china with the the others
but I'm torn, melted, ruined, and other
ways of discomformity, she stares at me and picks another toy instead
but the other toy hurt her and she grabed me by the head
I'm blind to see what is happening but see light between the fingers
as she releases her grip the pain still lingers
the plane of existance inverses on itself
now I'm looking into a room, I remember this room, it seems familiar
who is she, I know her, who is he, I know him, why are they is this room to be
wait my heart feels as if its skipping a beat, my arm feels constricted, can you see
I know what is happening to me
he slowly undresses her as she stares into me
the tears coming out of my eyes feel heavy, as if I bleed
my face is plastered with blood, and my head starts to swing
every beat is a ding, every moan is a ding, every second is a ding
and as the universe comes down upon me, all I have to say is
I didn't deserve thee

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