Teachers Are Important Too


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To college I am going, to get my Bachelor’s degree.
I want to be a teacher. It’s something I’ve always wanted to be.
My classes require I practice the assignments, I might someday assign to my students.
I must learn the subjects I’m going to teach and all the best ways to teach them.
Studying and practicing in the study room at the college,
Nursing majors, Science majors, Psych majors and more
Pass me by and complain.
I’m taking up valuable space with my cutting and pasting, my outlining and coloring…
What am I making with all this arts and crafting?
A bulletin board to accompany a lesson I’d be teaching.

“If all you’re going to do is sit there and color, pack up your shit and go home!” They say.

“I’m studying to be a teacher.
This is a common part of my homework,
I’ve no time to go home,
I have Class here later today,
That is why I stay here to color, cut and paste this bulletin board together.”

“Teaching is not a real job your major’s a fraud,
You must be immature and childish to sit here and color in college!
Go home quit school! Don’t come back until you’ve matured.”

If teachers are so unimportant just think of your own career choice!
You have to go to school for what?!
To be taught to be a Nurse, a Scientist, Psychologist and more,
Without someone to teach you how would you learn?
If no one were here to teach you, you’d have to teach yourself.
Think if there was no one to teach you,
And you were still quite determined,
You would have to be a teacher in order to teach yourself!
The very thing you mock me for wanting to be,
Is important to have to be what you want to be.

This Bulletin board I’m putting together,
It’s for a reading lesson that also teaches accepting each other’s differences.
It goes with a book called a Bad Case of Stripes,
About a little girl who changes to what other people like,
The bad things that happened to her because she wasn’t just herself from the very beginning.
I know who I am, I’m a teacher at heart,
The law requires a degree and a license to start.
So I am here, I’m taking the classes I’m required to take,
I’m learning all I can to be the best at my job I can be.
I’m listening to you put me down, and put down my dreams…
I am who I am, and you are who you are.

My passions, my dreams, my career choice are no less important than yours.
My right to be here and yours are exactly the same!

If there were not any teachers there would be no college for either of us to attend.
There would be no one to teach you to be a nurse, psychologist, scientist or more.
There would be no one to teach me to be a teacher… there wouldn’t be the need.
And if we were to teach ourselves through books and the internet…
Who would have taught the authors who wrote those things who put the information there?
If there had been no teachers then either,
We’d both be shit out of luck and illiterate as well.

Think twice before you mock someone else’s career choice.
It's likely just as important as yours.


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