Teach Me?


United States
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How does one teach?
Do you decide what is right?
Can you truly say anything is false?

What if I studied?
Studied for hours,
Poured over books,
Researched credibilities,
What if I Knew?
Could you then teach?

How are you right?
When does the sun rise?
If you taught it to be noon,
Would you be God?
Or could I refute you?

You could be a man
And I a woman,
But if you're wrong
Does that matter?

Age may fall on you,
And I could be a babe,
But if you're wrong
Does that matter?

If my judgment comes
And you disbelieve
Are you right?
Who taught you so?
How can they know?

If you say the world
Does not spin
What then?
Do I believe you?

Or rather, do you say
The world is flat?
What then?
Does Columbus die?
Do the pirates win?

How came you to be the all-say?
Does your power overbear mine,
Or that of anyone elses?
Is your life the model?

I do believe man walked and croaked before
How then is yours the model?
Is your lecture general
Or are you speaking specifically?

You must not be speaking generally
For you are not the say so
You cannot teach
Therefore you cannot teach me
Nothing told you you could,
And nothing ever will.


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