Tattooed Paintings

There once was a girl

Who had a hidden profession.

She said she was an artist

But we never saw her collection.


She went to school

As if everything was fine.

She put on a façade,

But it became worn with time.


She came to class

Always looking down.

She claimed to be happy

But always wore a frown.


She was often taunted

And often abused.

They joked around her

But she wasn't ever amused.


Then one day she mentioned

She would show us her work.

Then she looked excited.

She even sported a smirk.


The next day she came

With a tear in her eye.

She screamed she was waiting

For her painting to dry


What happened next

Was impossible to believe.

She showed us her artwork

As she rolled up her sleeve.


Her classmates laughed

And even poked fun.

She ran out the room saying

"Forget it. I'm done!"


The morning after

When she didn't show up for school

I went to her house

And flaunted my canvas, too.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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