Talking Walls

If the walls could talk the secrets would flow

The hatred will grow

That's why we hope nobody knows

But the walls talk 

They know what I did this summer

And while the darkess spreads 

Cup runneth over

The secrets replay in my head

But I can't tell

The guilt lingers in my head

I need to get these out

But I'm sure the walls talk

They know what I did

Why did I do it?

 I knew it would have to be a secret

I want to tell them but I can't

The secret will haunt me

They remind me that I'm worthless

They make me feel empty inside

Only the walls know

They're the ones who tell me so

You'd think I'm crazy

The way I stay silent

But it gives me an adrenaline rush

I've never felt so alive

I close my eyes

I smile

I look around and look at the walls

The walls that make me feel worthless

The walls that make me feel like nothing

They're chanting me telling me what to do

I hear them talking at once

They're loud, very loud

They want me to do it

They're waiting for me

They seem happy for me

When I fired the weapon

And the projectile pierced thorugh the skin

The crimson splatter

I never felt so alive

I look at my sweet walls who can talk 

I never felt this sense of euphoria

Yet I was dead

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community


Marvin Price

Hi, this poem is about the power of the mind and the irrational decisions and thought process people go through when a life changing negative action occurs. If you or anyone you know feels this way or has these "talking walls" please either get help or talk to them and comfort them. Be there for them because you may be the only thing to silence those walls for them. Everyone has "talking walls", some are just louder than others.

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