Taken For Granted

Confrontations in every conversation

Communcation is a crisis

This shit is complicated like constipation

We were never like this

For days I have wondered

Why we were no longer perfect

Good deeds are no longer worth it

So everything seems worthless

Girl, you're just a clown in a circus

Probably just around for the service

Yet now the show is over for certain

I'll take my bow as I close these curtains

Never be distracted by attraction

and unnotice the lack of passion

Go ahead, resume your laughing

And assume im only acting

Christina, I have lost feelings

Yet, I have found peace

So you should come to my new show

Hopefully you have found seats

Dont sit around depressed with regrets

Because she is a beauty with advanced assets

Dont worry, naturally will come jealousy

What can I say, we were like a song with no melody

Just too many lows in our memories

And I could care less if you remember me

But of course you do, I was such a charm

Putting gold on your arms and protecting you from harm

Now your curious and furious

Deprived and delirious

Well too bad, bye hater

You laughed then, only to cry later

Wipe those pathetic tears

You don't look as gorgeous

And watch as me and Samantha

Finish our performance















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