I hope you know 

I can't sleep in my bed anymore

You took my room away from me

Along with my virginity

All I see is the outline of your face 

On my pillows

But I guess,

Nothing in there is mine anymore

You took everything when you left

I see you laying right there

Right next to me 

On that same fucking bed

I hate to sleep in there, I just see you

I see us, on the floor, staring at the other

I see you, sprawled out on my comforter

I see me, feeling so empty on the bed without you

I can't sleep in my bed anymore

I let you in and now

I can't let you out

I didn't just let you in my life

I let you in me,

And now, everything that was mine

You took

I hope you know,

I can't sleep in my bed anymore

Because, it's not mine anymore


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