Some lions, some tigers go to frightening lengths

The random firing of synapses

Scare themselves and each other half to death

The random misfiring of synapses

Soar off at unheard-of angles, up and

The repetitive misfiring of synapses

Into and through absurd constellations

The forced unfiring of synapses

And wiry blue and red veins of Sun and Earth

The obedience of synapses

Muscles trickling under the wet and damp and slow

The absence of synapses

As the orbit is made steadily around

The unforced unfiring of unsynapses

Masses of alien axons and dendrites

The unforced refiring of preexisting synapses

And uncomprehensive, impregnable grey

The perfect refiring of predestinate manic synapses

And lithium, and serotonin reuptake inhibited

The random firing of synapses

If one can say so, stabily is inhaled

The random firing of synapses


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Our world
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