In the end it was just me and my thoughts,
A painful trap, long after you were gone
Thinking it was all said and done,
But I was unlucky and hurt within,
Indeed, love is not what we think but what we feel within.
Don't think I will ever get sadder again,
Knowing our hands have now interwined .
The heart beat for what the mind doesn't understand.
It goes for what it truly want
And not what the eyes want.
Now I feel so mesmarized looking you in the eye,
Because there I see nothing but our future.
Hoping it doesn't end again in tears
Because that indeed is my fears.
Love is indeed Sacrifice!. It is bitter Sweet!
It can sometimes be as nice as sweets.
It is a thing of the heart connected with the mind.
Love is a Blaze of fire.
It burns deep into our hearts.
A fire that never quench nor cease.
It speaks in Lightening tunes.
Embedded with lots of challenges.
It can only be seen in the perspective of open hearts.
But the end is always left with you and your thoughts!

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