Sweet Release


United States
33° 35' 1.3452" N, 112° 18' 25.0308" W

Pain coarsening though my veins a sweet release with in my brain as the pain gets stronger and the blood starts to flow i know whats going to happen if i continue down this road but it's to late to late to turn back i can feel myself slipping away it's all become just to much to bear anymore i have tried to let out all the pain, sorrow, anger, rejection, and loneliness that is built up inside of me and with each drop of sweet crimson red that hits the floor the better i start to feel. i have found away to get rid of the monster inside of me the one that is eating me up inside and tormenting my mind but the down fall is that in the proses it's killing me oh who cares i feel free, free of everything . as i cut the monster out of me and let it drip slowly and softly from my vains sleep into a deep dark slumber for the rest of eternity.


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