Worst of all.

Better than the best.

Feels like I'm flying when I fall.

Will I rise to the test?


Super highs.

Deadly lows.

White lines.

White smoke.

Sipping poison, while listening to insidious noises.

I'm inundated with liberation.

I’m in a state where nothing phases me.

Where I’m something crazy.

Where your comfort's shaky.


Wide eyes.

Nervous energy.

Clammy palms.

Chain smoking, just because.

Where the conversation, just took off.

Where the inspiration, fills my space and, 

I'm lined up.

Wind up!

Way up!




On fire.

All night, until sunrise,

until times up.

Trying to sleep while my minds up.

I sleep until I come down

until sundown

I wake up...

Wake up, you fucking bitch!

One day I'll wake up and say fuck this shit. 


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