Superheroes are not...

Superheroes are not those in capes
They are the ones in drapes
Covered in rags
They suffer and have to go day to day
Not knowing if they will live or die
Whether they will eat, drink
Whether they will ever find work
They have to have courage and hope that everything will work out
They are the poor and homeless
They have more courage than your superman does
Superheroes are not those with fancy fire that shoots out of their hands
They are the ones with gun powder
They risk their lives everyday
To keep this country safe
They wear that uniform of blue, brown, white, camo
They are soldiers
They risk more than your Spiderman
Superheroes are not those with telekinetic powers
They are the ones who gave birth to you
They care, love, and protect you.
They know you better than anyone
They are mothers, fathers
They love you more than your Emma Frost does


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