My ears bleed from the tales of your insecurities

Why am I being cursed for the patience of my maturity?

You seem to have tied your tongue in annoyance

Every word you spit a spoon full of poison,

Your ignorance has fathomed this strange conclusion,

That because I'm shy I'll sit quiet without intrusion,

But the only answers I have are laced with persecution

I think your lies have expired, your truth is a dilution

So please for the love of god close your mouth

Your personality is dry and I can't handle another drought,

Your friendship traps me more than a prison,

Every time we talk I just get more ammunition,

In my defense it's easy you lie more than a politician

Claiming that each one doesn't fuel your adolescent competition,

We get it your rich, you're smart and we're dumb,

But remind please where it all came from

Who’s wealth is it that you always flaunt Is that why you have friends, just to taunt? Maybe you'd have more if you weren't spoiled to rot, Even the ones you have are only here because they've been caught,

Stop whining we get it you treat life like fine dining,

But it's time to wake up and realize the world isn't coated in your usual silver lining, So please stop acting like you're the queen of everything,

Because without your family you couldn't afford a single thing,

You only buy designer the finest clothes from countries you've traveled in

So why is it that you only dress like a Walmart mannequin?

Seriously please just get a grip. I'm sick and tired of our friendship being more rocky than a Mars- bound rocket ship

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