Superficial Pose


But don’t take too many pictures

Heard they could steal your soul

I was told that they could eat you up whole

Or worst puncture a hole in that sweet little heart

Remember the times I used to call you sweetheart?

Now I’m getting feelings of no feelings


I think you used that camera too much

Changed up your whole flavor as such...


Red lipstick, tight dresses, accompanied with big breasts

High heels that gave you confidence plus...


A few new boy toy accessories, which went perfect with perfume

Her new fumes gave off a bittersweet rush


And every other guy is going to let her

Take pics because they want to get her

While I tried to tell her better

They make flicks of them having sex, now she wrote a letter...


Nestor, please tell me that there still some good dudes

Point me in their direction, I need some good clues


Told her they are all over 

Just stop clicking with that Nikon, 

Then your shallow problem will be gone and older then last October

And hopefully your soul will come back to its home like our soldiers

For now I'll smile, shake my head & keep you in my prayers 


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