Suicide is a scary word

But not as risky as losing her

Who she grew up to become, nobody knew

For the job she wore was already through


So why doesn’t anyone talk about suicide?

He takes all these lives from you and I

Pushing lost girls and boys passed their limits

Constantly wanting to die and decay

Why can’t they live another day?


Wanting to drink bleach is all fun and games

Until you’re in the bathroom feeling ashamed

For needing to take the bottle and put it away

Cause who would want to live another day?


“Just cheer up and you’ll be cured”

They’re telling me for sure

“Put a smile on and you’ll be okay

You can make it one more day”


They lie and they steal what left of me is real

Feeling alone and helpless, how could they know

That the person inside of me has no home?


So why can’t anyone talk about suicide?

He laughs and he holds the hope we have inside

Taking us apart limb from limb

How I wish to be whole again


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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