'2015 Slam for Suicide Awareness and Prevention'

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I still miss you, you know.    I miss The way you smiled at me In the hallways before school Without a reason. Everyone else walked by  With their heads down;
Hello butterfly, What's brought you here to me? It must have been my emptiness, For I'm alone, you see. I live my days in darkness,
You were my sunrise,Your light shone brighter and sharper than the pain you left inI sought you at the end of the darkness;I followed you through the nightBut now, daylight never reaches the horizonYour smiled gleamed, your touch sparkedBut now yo
Suicide is a scary word But not as risky as losing her Who she grew up to become, nobody knew For the job she wore was already through  
August 31st, 2016I was diagnosed with PTSD.Because my father drank a bit too muchAnd took his anger out on my sister and me. Most of my life I've had depression,And I don't think people realize what it actually feels like.It's a part weight weighi
Some people say jump, some say stay jump or stay                     jump or stay                                         jump or stay... You can let what they define you, and jump Or...
Ah the sweetness of vitality,Most never experience it in reality.They've always had it to taste,Thus never finding the truth, a waste.But behold a few find it lost,Without it, no sweetness, a great cost. There is only bitter residue,Happiness, onc
 At age seven, she saw she didn't belong, she didn't look like the other girls  "It's okay", she would say, her glow-up would be soon.   At age twelve, she tried make-up to hide the imperfections.
1.  Get up, Mom will ask if something is wrong if you dont. 2. Smile when she drops you off at school, she loves it, just try to please her one last time. 3. Act normal,
The secret is hidden within the rose burried in the garden of thorns for if you try to rech me beware you wlle torn and in your dreams I shall awake a mist of golden rays
Left alone , all aloneyet the house is full she faked  her smile  because  with eher xeprience she believedthe world was cruel ever
We are the medicated souls, too much morphine, too much pain, to take away.   We are the medicated souls. No one can stand to hear our screams even when they say to not be silent.  
You say that no one would care if you were goneOr that they might even be happier with you goneBut have you realized what would happen if you actually left?
When you're young and naive You see all these beautiful things And you want to believe That you are beautiful too. When you are young and kind You see the lost souls And can't leave them behind.
Murky and cloudedIs the state of my beingHeld at the bottomAway from clear thinking These shackles and weightsConfine me belowTo watch dance to surfaceThe air that I blow
The silence was stifling staccato sobs through a static filter it was unthinkable my mind like cogs grinding to a halt i was speechless, my voice failing me what was i supposed to do
And, darling, how ironic That the only person that doesn't love you Is you
At the latest hour, in the darkest night is where my thoughts wander each night. Sleep has not yet come, the nightmares have not yet begun but I cannot wake from a nightmare when I am living in one.
My depression is my blood A dark substance flowing through my veins   It's killing me though  Dragging me into a dark abyss of death   Feeding on my pain and sadness Slowly killing me  
Tick Tock... off goes my clock Wake up, send a text....want to get a bagel? Tick, tock...text me back already, Yes, but your're paying.
Please Deep feelings of sorrow long, lonley nights Overcome with the weight of my thoughts Stop Has anyone noticed? I'm drowning myself in a pool of sadness
I've written the notes and made the attempts Took trips to the psych ward and was admitted I've sneaked out the house and walked to the bridge But when i arrived i wanted to live
Tears splash  Mixing with my blood  Both dripping down  As I slip away from love  Yet no one even cares  No concern just a shrug  Abused my trust  I feel so crushed 
Dear me me with eyes full of tears Dear me with the heart full of fears Dear me with the want to disappear Dear me I know it's been years And you feel that nothing's changed but look at you you're here Remember I wrote this letter for you wanting
I feel so alone There may be many people But that doesn't matter Sometimes I'm alone And want to be around people But at the same time I don't I don't tell any of my friends
we heave our last goodbye off chapped lips and this is played off as glamorous by our maintream media.
This is not okay. It is not okay that people don’t know how to cope. It is not okay that the only way they find relief is by using a rope.
The pain of waking up everyday With the same face staring you in the eyes The same dead glaze that says There’s no hope in fighting the pain that lies And you know deep down
I know your sick of it and in your mind your cussing out everybody that keeps trying to pull you out of your hole
Dark clouds do not creep up at night, Instead graze our minds when the sun does shine And the thoughts impale us with softened blades, Though our smile rivals the daylight, If pried and smeared away with time,
They whisper loud They whisper proud They know I hear, .... They know i hear them loud and clear It's the words they say These words they say they ruin every day I beg and pray
For the beaten and the broken down Who never seem to get around who's skyies are always filled with grey who's troubles sworm them through the day Your strength is not gone like Samson and Delilah  
I see you standing at my door telling me that my time is almost up The coldness of your presence fills the room, as if I'm lying on the snow What is this your making me feel? I try to run away from you,
Robin Williams was one with a heart-warming smile A comedian, an actor, a warrior Robin Williams was my supermodel He was my hero The only one who could make me smile  
God will hold us together  Love will help us remember Life is what you make it So I beg u don't take it for granted God made us to be in his likeness So We should strive to achieve greatness
I can’t remember my first words to you, But I can’t forget all the things I wanted to say. I can’t remember what you were wearing that day in April, But I can’t forget the way you smiled the whole night.
With my scarred arms, And bruised legs. My cold fingers, My dying heart. Have you noticed? Do you care? Do I matter? Dying. I'm falling, Falling, Dying. I'm affraid.
The girl in black heels sat alone, left inside her own broken home.  The girl in black heels felt no fear, no love, no pain, and no sense of way. The girl in black heels sat in a laundry mat,
Before you open your mouth to spit hateful words,why don't you take a glance at whose around you.
It's agony to let the world see you so exposed; rotting from the inside out; hollow; decomposed.To you I must seem crazy, with all understanding outta sight; you think the scars along my arms were simply done in spite.Crimson is the color that dee
Here is my response to the suicide letter I wrote 15 years ago:                                                       Breathe. Your pain will not remain unnoticed. Flush the pills. Dump the vodka. Throw away the razors.
Memories are past tense  I will not accept that Even today I mattered as a person I impacted your life Yes, you impacted me
My screams were a muffled whisper My nightly tears – unseen. My parents were not worried, Because, “She’s just a normal teen.”   No one cared to listen So nightly my wrists bled
      The air is hard to breathe. Nights are too long and the days are too bright. It is hard to see the world as others
I see you crying, I hope you're okay Why do you have a boo boo? You've been home all day. Doesn't that hurt? Why are you bleeding? I can't help but wonder is there something you're needing?
Do you wanna know what I absolutely hate about you? Not dislike, nor envy, but hate about you? When you have bumps in life like a car that hits a pot hole, you shutdown, but why?
They told me to cut my wrist They told me to double knot But every time I pick up the blade Or tie the rope   Stop! He says the pain will go away Not to take my life
Wonders. That is all we are. Constantly wondering to something new, something wonderful, something different. Something that is not us. We use things to distract us, music, writing, the tapping of a pen, but I cannot distract myself.
You whisper venom in his ear,"Do it.It will be better. Do you hear?"Which instilled in me a terrible paralyzation.And when he induced his own demise,You reveled in my tears and cries,
A day taking degenerative disease
It starts at a young age. no one is too young for heartbreaks, maybe a loss of some sort or their mom and dad stays in court So they try and find a conclusion,A race in the mind of delusion
The South Scenic Call   It’s morbid To give it a name; Such a pretty name. A name that rolls easily
I'm livingevery daywishing that I wasn'tbecausemy chest
Cold.My hands clenched, gently,hoping that yours were still holding mine.But I knew you were gone once my own fingertipsp
I. I know a boy with an everlasting forest in his hair,and eyes so bright they outshine the stars.and a soul so beautiful and worthy,it makes mine bow to even just the thought of it II.
I'm the best at crying I do it everyday I do it all alone So no one sees my face I hide all of my pain I know that it's not right And even though I know this I'll still do it tonight
Can’t you feel it The creeping under your skin That impending fear The lurking of doom The need to do… No,
A couple years ago A girl asked me why I didn’t wear makeup And when I shrugged and said I didn’t like it She told me that I should at least use concealer At least just for pictures
When you look into her eyes, and know she doesn't love you the same, You are looking at me. At a funeral,  When you suck in a breath of poisoned air,  One that reeks of decay,
September 24, 2015 I was so depressed. I thought my mom was angry About the pictures. She didn’t understand I didn’t want to send them. I wanted the pain in my heart to end.
The one million  Some fathers Some mothers Others are brothers
Maybe what we fear most is not failure but the idea of what could be lost.
The day was August 11th, 2014. It was nearly noon. A great man sat in his bedroom, trapped by a cloud of darkness, looking for a way out.
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