Students and Senators

In a public school, the safest place of all, right? 

wrong. Why don’t we hear about it months later, after tragedy we slowly take away the light 

Why does it take until tragedy to make change?

Oh, because I guess senators are much more important. Huh, strange.

The kids we strive to grow their intellectuality ,

But when all the kids are dying, what senator cares about children’s learning ability?

While I see problems at every turn of the school scene,

It’s time to do what we really need.

While red algae is killing our fish, we are focused on that more,

than what the future for our kids might have in store.

Why does it take until an irresponsible parent is irresponsible,

And have child find an AR-15 or any gun.

While games and movies depicts as toys, that couldn’t be any more wrong.

Guns are designed to kill, and we’re losing kids,

To a mentally unaided kid, who can’t get their anger out before blowing their lid. 

Its totally absurd to think that it’s easier to get a gun

than it is to get a car, woah, even a 19 year old can.

Whats the solution? I hear you ask.

Make guns less accessible, and cut the useless tasks.

we need more safety in our schools because we are the future,

and for those kids who should get an education should and need to learn. 

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