Grabbing, clawing,

reaching, climbing,

running. struggling to get out, away,

free, from this monster

that is consuming you, hunting you, suffocating you.

You can feel IT eating away,

scratching at your skin,

pulling at your hair.

You know how to fix IT.

What needs to be done.

How to stop this IT once and for all.


But you’re stuck.


E. V. E. R. Y.   T. I. M. E.   you get close to getting out of this cage,

IT grabs you and pulls you back.

Whispering secrets, and telling you all the horrors of the outside world.

It reminds you that you are safer with it, here, in this cage. Where it will protect you.


Everyone else walks by your cage and points out that the door is wide open, you just need to walk through. Why are you being so stubborn? stupid? irrational? attention seeking?


Don’t you see the door is wide open? Stop complaining and just walk through.

They don’t understand that you can’t. That you’re trying, but just can’t.


You can see the outside world through the cage, and it looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. Than in here. With IT. You know it is better and that you should be able to just walk out of the door, no problem.


So you fight your way again. Weakening the cage. Struggling to get away and break free.

But it happens again. IT grabs you right as you reach the door. And pulls you back. Showing your the horrors of the world. Reminding you of your safety here with IT in this cage.


You know though. That outside is better. That you NEED to get out and away from IT.

But how do you escape your mind?

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