I am walking through stone hallways
can anyone hear what my soul is dying to purge?
They are throwing bricks as I pass.
Is it the shoes?
The prom queens lies?
Is it my refusal?
I will not conform.
On Wednesdays,
my feet leave red prints in the snow.
I am hiding in the library.
Someone come and find me....
I will be strong.
I will be me.
and though they made me hate what I saw
in the mirror,
I will not let them define me.
They toss bricks,
I take the bricks to my tree house,
and I build a castle.
No one has power over me,
no one has power over you.
Years later in a Spanish class,
his face will look sad,
and his shoes will look familiar to me.
Whats your name I ask?
I smile at the reply.
Do you know what a smile could have done for me?

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