Stream of Consciousness

Sun, 01/21/2018 - 16:02 -- Roll

Why can't you just see it?

You're insignificant.
Just a speck of dust that's a stupid little nuisance to everyone.

Like trash on the curb
That's smelly,
Deserves to be run over
And thrown away, pushed aside.

They hate dealing with you.
They hate talking to you.
It's all lies, lies lies.

These false statements of
I care about you.
I love you.
I'm your friend.
It's okay.
You're important.

They're all words that mean the opposite of what they truly are.

I could care less about you.
I'm not your friend.
It's not okay.
I hate you.
You're insignificant.

You should go back to being a pathetic plaything of men.
You'll be more useful like that!
You deserve the wonderful disgusting pain.
It's not just my advice, but theirs too. Trust me.

It's what they really mean.
Don't you believe me?
So fall back into my pitch black stream of consciousness,
And swallow my dark,viscous liquid into your feeble lungs.

Embrace me.
Love me.
Trust me.

I know all.

I love you.

I. Will. Always. Protect. You.

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