The Story of a Young Mother

All alone by herself not knowing where to turn for help. Trading applying for scholarships to scheduling doctor trips. Asking God to see her through this . Young girl herself not ready to hear someone call her mother. Thought her boyfriend would stick by her side ,questioning herself as to how could she be so blind to think that . Wishing at this very moment time could go back . Should have listened to the don't do this and don't believe thats but he sweet talked her and she ended up on her back . She told him how the pregnancy test said postive and he turned his back screaming he don't want to hear that . Her belly grows big so does her thoughts of thinking she's not ready for this kid. She have to own responsibility for the things she did . Conteplating taking that abortion pill. She realized mentally&emotionally she couldn't deal she had a Bond with her baby she could deeply feel. She pushed through those 9 months struggling .. now she's standing strong with a baby on her hips...playing both roles of mom and dad as best she can . Talking to her baby whispering in its ear ...I'll strive for you to have a better life than me dear


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